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Cubby Description


The Tri-Cubby is based on the original J-3 Piper Cub, however the performance has been improved, thanks to modern materials and technology. The purchase price is low and operational costs are kept to a minimum due to the use of automotive fuel as apposed to AVGAS. The Tri-Cubby can be registered as a three axis micro-light or a non type certified light aircraft. The Cubby is available in tri-gear or tail dragger. The price is dependant on the choice of engine. The option to have the Tri-Cubby interchangeable between tri-gear and tail dragger is also available.

With the cooperation and valuable input from the CAA, the factory is now up to CAA standards.


There are more than 26 flying in SA. The Tri-Cubby is available in kit form.

The Cubby is available as ready to fly or fully built but without engine, radio and instruments.

Tri-Cubby Aircraft
Price And Lead Time of Tri-Cubby

We offer consistent low pricing because the price is not dependant on exchange rates.

Fully completed to firewall kit
Owner to fit engine, instruments and radio R 182 000 (excl VAT)
(as at 1st March 2010)
Fully built aircraft
VW 2.1i 100hp R 254 000 (excl VAT)
(as at 1st March 2010)
Jabiru 2200 85 hp R 306 000 (excl VAT)
(as at 1st March 2010)
Lead-time 3 months (after confirmed order & deposit paid)

Performance of Tri-Cubby
Empty weight 260 kg
Max T/O weight 450 kg (m/light)
500 kg (light aircraft)
Stall 46 mph
Cruise Speed 85 mph (power fin)
95 mph (P prop)
Vne 130 mph
Fuel consumption 12-15 l/h
Fuel capacity 90l
Range 500 m
Endurance 6 hrs
Take off roll (sea level est.) 100m
Landing roll (sea level est.) 150m
Clime rate 1200 ft/m 1 up
700 ft/m all up

Service ceiling 12 000 ft
Engine VW 2.1i 100hp
Jabiru 2200 85hp
Prop Powerfin 2 bladed ground adjustable
P-Prop wooden fixed pitch prop
Radio I-com A200 VHF

Structure of Tri-Cubby
Seating 2 place tandem
Luggage 20 kg
Controls Duel control stick, push rods.
Duel rudder/nose wheel steer
Duel heel brakes / single hand brake
Airframe Welded tube, fabric covered,
2k painted
Wings Aluminium extrusion main spar
Composite ribs, leading edge and wing tips, 2k painted fabric covered.
Aluminium wing spar, +4, -2g
(tested to 7.8g loading)
Cowls and nose section Composite
Fuel tanks 2 x wet-wing 45lt tanks
Undercarriage Fixed
Avionics Standard VFR instruments (ASI, ALT, VSI, RPM, EGT, Oil temp, Oil press, Hobbs, Electronic mixture control